Inspired by the movie The Bucket List, here you can submit things you want to do before you die.
Click below, where it says "SUBMIT".

What do you want to do before you die?


Anonymous asked
you should make it so the people that submit are credited.

They are, if you click on the notes.
You mean like, “Submitted by -insert name linked here-?”

#3 pet a giraffe

#23 see dmb at the gorge 

#12 go on a road trip along the cali coast

#1 change someone’s life

i keep a bucket list in post its in my house, all over my house:)

I have a lot of them, but i’ll only say few.

To experience tears of joy.

To tell everyone i’ve ever met, that i love them & or i’m glad I met them, ykno? Yeah.

Be satisfied in the way everything is.

Accomplish a dream.

Make these happen[=